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Two monks arrested for attempting to destroy 5G cell towers

Two monks from a fundamentalist Catholic convent in the Rhône were indicted last week for attacking relay antennas out of hostility to the deployment of 5G, we learned on Monday, September 20 from judicial source.

CASE. 5G, progress or threat?

According to the Villefranche-sur-Saône prosecutor’s office, confirming information from the regional daily “Le Progrès”, the two men, aged 39 and 40, admitted to having set fire to a first telephone pylon, on the night of 14 to September 15 in Saint-Forgeux, north-west of Lyon. The damage had been limited.

The following night, they were arrested by the gendarmes in flagrante delicto while they were trying to set fire to an antenna in another town, in Ancy.

“Protect the population”

Placed in police custody and then presented to an examining magistrate, they admitted the facts, explaining that they had acted “To protect the population from harmful effects” 5G, Villefranche prosecutor Laëtitia Francart told AFP. Indicted for “Destruction and attempted destruction by incendiary means” and ” conspiracy “, the two monks were placed under judicial supervision.

Environment, health, privacy … We reviewed 5G

They are part of a Capuchin community based at the Saint-François convent in Villié-Morgon, attached to the fundamentalist movement of the Fraternity Sacerdotale Saint-Pie X, according to its website.

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According to Le Progrès, a spokesperson for the convent spoke of “An isolated act and a youthful error”. “The waves are very harmful to health and they wanted to act for the well-being of humanity”, she told the newspaper.

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