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Two years in prison required for hacker Ulcan for malicious calls

Two years of imprisonment and an arrest warrant were required against the Franco-Israeli hacker Ulcan, tried in his absence this Friday, December 3 by the Paris court for a series of “Hoaxes” extreme phone calls.

“These are anything but hoaxes, these are extremely violent behaviors”, committed by a man “Megalomaniac”, “To the feeling of impunity and of all power”, said the prosecutor in her requisitions.

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Ulcan, Grégory Chelli of his real name, did not appear at the hearing. His defense, believing he was not summoned properly, left the room at the start of the trial on Thursday and did not return on Friday to plead.

“The embodiment of the coward”

The Franco-Israeli is on trial for a series of malicious appeals between 2014 and 2016, targeting in particular the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry, our journalist Pierre Haski and the pro-Palestinian activist Olivia Zemor.

The 39-year-old defendant, who presented himself as a “Zionist militant” and one “Vigilante”, is “The embodiment of the coward”, argued the prosecutor. “No one in this room expected to see him (…) he is absent at the time of the facts, and absent when the time comes to answer them”.

In 2014, after a “Standby” of a twinning between the municipality of Lille and an Israeli city, he had notably called the police, posing as Martine Aubry’s husband, saying that he had killed his wife and was entrenched and armed.

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His other victims suffered the same “Operating mode”, and the responsibility of the one who claimed his actions in waves of insults, “No doubt”, hammered the prosecutor. Since Thursday, several victims have come to the bar to relive their ” anguish “ persistent, even several years later.

Decision on January 11

The site on which Grégory Chelli broadcast his misdeeds live and through which he made himself known was called “Violvocal”. ” All is said “, dropped the prosecutor.

The one who acted hidden “Behind his keyboard” has resided in Israel since 2013. He is “Protected by the State in which he found refuge, and which until then has collaborated very little with the French authorities”, also regretted the prosecutor.

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Grégory Chelli is the subject of several proceedings in France. In particular, he risks the foundations for a “Hoax” targeting a journalist from Rue 89 and his parents, who had caused, according to the prosecution, the death of the journalist’s father, who died of a heart attack after an intervention by the police at his home in the middle of the night.

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The court will deliver its decision on January 11.

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