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Two young French people died in the stampede on Mount Meron, Israel

Two young Franco-Israeli brothers died in the giant stampede that killed 45 people on Friday during a Jewish pilgrimage to Mount Meron in northern Israel, police and diplomatic sources told AFP on Sunday. Jerusalem.

The Israeli police records in Hebrew consulted by AFP show two Frenchmen who died in the tragedy, brothers Moshe and Yosef ElHadad, aged 12 and 18 respectively. Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem said the two victims were citizens “Binational”.

After the murderous scramble on Mount Méron, mourning and doubts in Israel

One of the “worst catastrophes” in the history of Israel

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of the two teenagers in Meron on Saturday evening, where the bodies were each covered with a white tallit (prayer shawl), an AFP correspondent noted.

Israel also observed Sunday a day of national mourning in tribute to the victims of this stampede during a qualified Orthodox Jewish pilgrimage. “One of the worst catastrophes” in Israel’s history, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

The 45 victims were ultra-Orthodox Jews who were taking part in a vast pilgrimage that brought together tens of thousands of people to Mount Meron, the largest gathering held in the country since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Images of Méron’s murderous stampede, “one of the most serious catastrophes in the history of Israel”

Shortly after midnight, a compact human mass rushed towards the exit, at one point clumping together in a narrow, metallic hallway. Pilgrims then piled on top of each other and several people were crushed to death.

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