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Unbelievable turns of the car on super narrow roads

The blue minivan took 13 “red” turns to turn on the road more than 3m wide, with a deep wall on one side.

Channels YouTube The name DrivingSkill recently became famous after one of the videos shared on social networks quickly went viral. The video shows the man behind the wheel of the blue minivan making a U-turn on a narrow stretch of mountainside. There are about 30 million views of this front end footage.

On the channel, this driver made many similar turns with different car models. Among them was a U-turn of a sedan on a 3 meter wide bridge. In the execution times, the front or rear wheels almost fell off the road, but the driver was still very calm and controlled the car to turn around.

On another occasion, the sedan slipped one of the rear wheels off the road, and the car hit the ground. To solve it, the man got out of the car, lifted one side of the car, brought the rear wheel back to the road, and then continued to turn.

Turning is not a very difficult skill, but it can still be difficult for some drivers. Turning in a tight spot requires different skills for the driver, and sometimes it takes both familiarity and confidence.

YouTuber is famous for specializing in turning the car in super narrow seats

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