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United States launches anti-Covid vaccine booster campaign

Some 60 million Americans are now eligible to receive a third dose of Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine six months after their second injection, welcomed this Friday, September 24, Joe Biden, at the end of a regulatory marathon that highlighted divisions of the scientific community on the issue.

The American health authorities finally recommended this booster dose for three categories of the population: people aged 65 and over, those between 18 and 64 years old with risk factors for developing a serious form of the disease (diabetes, obesity, etc.) , as well as those very exposed to the coronavirus within the framework of their work or their place of life.

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This last category, which is very broad, includes teachers, supermarket workers, health workers, prisoners and people in shelters for the homeless.

“Go do your reminder”

A total of 20 million eligible people received their second dose long enough ago to already be eligible to receive the third, Biden said. The injections were to start this Friday.

“Go do your reminder”, asked them during a speech the American president of 78 years, specifying that he would bend himself to the exercise. He predicted that all Americans could eventually receive a recall, ” in the near future “.

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Data for booster dose of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be assessed “In the coming weeks”, said Rochelle Walensky, head of the country’s main federal public health agency.

Some immunocompromised people could already receive a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in the United States since early August.

Experts “torn”

If the number of Americans concerned as of this Friday is therefore important, it remains less than what had been announced in mid-August by the government. His wish was that a massive vaccine booster campaign from Pfizer and Moderna be launched starting this week, for all American adults without distinction.

But this measure was suspended for the approval of the health authorities, and the experts were very divided during the study of the Pfizer file. Last week, members of an advisory committee of the United States Drugs Agency (FDA) refused to allow the third dose to be given to all adults.

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On Thursday, CDC experts added to the confusion, voting against the inclusion of people frequently exposed to the virus because of their occupation or situation. The debates had lasted for hours and several experts had said “Torn”. The risk of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, in young men weighed heavily in the balance. Experts had also highlighted the lack of data available before 65 years.

These recall campaigns, also carried out in France or even in Israel according to different criteria, are strongly criticized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the name of vaccine inequalities between rich and poor countries.

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The United States assures that they can lead a recall campaign and aid to foreign countries: Washington has this week raised its promise to donate vaccines to countries in need to 1.1 billion doses.

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