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Unmask the applications that are causing smartphone battery to drop without brake

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

As an all-day smartphone user, it’s clear that battery life is something everyone wants to care about.

Cloud storage company pCloud recently decided to look into the worst culprits for smartphone battery life dropping rapidly, and it’s not surprising that many mobile apps are popular and pervasive. like Facebook and Uber have been found to be one of the things that drain smartphone batteries the fastest.

Battery life on smartphones is always a matter of concern for many people.

In a summary of its findings, pCloud explains that it runs tests to determine which apps are hogging the most battery, as well as slowing down phone performance and taking up the most memory. “When looking at which apps had the highest requests on our phones, we analyzed three things: the features each app uses like location or the camera; the battery that these apps consume; and whether dark mode is available.

“By combining the results of these three factors, we were able to calculate which of the 100 most popular, most demanding apps and consider them the most battery-hungry apps on a phone. ”, pCloud further explains.

According to this analysis, social media apps and dating apps are the worst offenders when it comes to draining their smartphone battery. pCloud notes that Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, SnapChat, YouTube and WhatsApp are all in the Top 20, and they all allow nearly a dozen features to run in the background (which drains a lot of battery and phone resources). . Likewise, the dating apps Bumble, Grindr, and Tinder make up 15% of the top battery-hungry apps, and they enable around 11 features in the background.

Unmask the applications that are causing the smartphone battery to drop without braking - 3

Top 20 smartphone battery draining apps that pCloud lists.

For this analysis, pCloud says that each specific application’s needs will affect smartphone battery consumption, such as Wi-Fi. “If an app had access to a greater total number of permissions, it would rank highly as a battery killer,” the company explains.


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