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Untold facts about the National COVID-19 Immunization Platform

Sunday, October 17, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

“I put the math, I do the rest, but I don’t have any money! During the outbreak, the health sector is on the frontline facing many difficulties, Mr. Long said, who can refuse” , the Minister of Information and Communications talked about the beginning.

On the afternoon of October 16, Minister of Information and Communications (TT & TT) Nguyen Manh Hung gave a speech at a nationwide online conference to thoroughly understand a number of contents on COVID-19 vaccination and solutions for authentication and communication. communicate vaccination data with national population data.

Accordingly, Mr. Hung said, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long once told him 4 months ago about dividing fire in IT systems to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic.

“I put the math, I do the rest, but I don’t have any money! During the outbreak, the health sector is on the frontline facing many difficulties, Mr. Long said, who can refuse” Mr. Hung shared.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.

According to Mr. Hung, at first, he just thought of making the software and then giving it to the medical industry to use. But do you know that, Mr. Long’s saying “you do the rest” means everything, from infrastructure investment, to software development, to training, to deployment, to operation and to the implementation of the project. take all responsibility for the existence of not only the software but also the errors and omissions of the medical staff, the problems of central and local software, the problem of data interoperability, his mine, information security issues,…

“Thinking back, Mr. Long is a visionary. If he hadn’t switched to Mr. Hung, Mr. Long would have deployed and suffered these pressures, he wouldn’t have been able to load. But I’m also happy because the TT&TT industry really is. shared a little fire with the health sector,” said the Minister of Information and Communications.

“And also through this I understand, writing a software that works if the effort is 1, then to make it convenient, users and people can accept it, the effort has to be spent 10 times more. But to develop it To declare it nationwide, in order for the digital platform to become a familiar daily tool of medical facilities, the effort is 100 times, “said Mr. Hung.

In that situation, the National Center for Technology for COVID-19 Prevention and Control was born with the cooperation of more than 20 Vietnamese digital technology enterprises, with a hardware system worth thousands of billions of dong made by experts. supporting enterprises, hundreds of programmers working day and night, thousands of people deploying and operating the system. Everyone went to the center of the epidemic and stayed there for 4 months now.

This COVID-19 vaccination platform has hardware tens of thousands of CPUs, with software developed by hundreds of people over many months, with thousands of participants deployed nationwide, with over 10,000 vaccination facilities nationwide daily use.

The system is capable of managing 5 million injections per day and data related to hundreds of millions of people, which can be considered the largest digital technology platform of the healthcare industry, and perhaps also of Vietnam. . That is not to mention this system has both developed and deployed in a very short time to meet the requirements for epidemic prevention and control.

“Just as Mr. Long requested, ‘but there is no money.’ Perhaps, only we Vietnamese have this spirit, especially in difficult times,” Mr. Hung said at the conference.

During the implementation process, a lot of things were revealed and were adjusted in time, because the platform was developed and owned by Vietnamese people. Until today, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security have guided the implementation nationwide. Next time will have to continue to improve, like life never stops; but the basic part is ready, the problems that have arisen have been solved.

“Using software is to change a habit, but changing habits is not easy. It still has to start from the regulations of the Ministry of Health on mandatory use of software to manage vaccinations. 200 million, then 300 million injections, maybe more, there is no other way than to manage it with technology,” emphasized the Minister of Information and Communications.

Mr. Hung also said: Users who are medical staff at vaccination facilities will certainly be surprised, will want to make the same paper. But after only a few days, you will get used to it, it will be convenient. The hard part is getting through these early days. Therefore, the implementation support of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security, the Departments of Health, Information and Communications, the Public Security and the software development company is very important and decisive.

People will be the ones who see the greatest utility, from registering for injections, to returning results, to using injection results to travel according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. And this is our ultimate goal.

Mr. Hung said that the success of a digital platform still has to be in both developers and users. But the users are 70 – 80%. Because, today’s technologies are ready to meet most of the user’s requirements. Now just need the user to specify the problem. And the determination to use technology of the health sector is still the most important and decisive.

In using the national digital platform, it is taboo to use it inside the system while using it outside the system. If you keep this habit, this is a habit of the IT era, completely unsuitable for the digital age when discrete IT systems are replaced by a single digital platform.

“This is something I really and really want to emphasize to Mr. Long – Minister and to the Health sector. If you want to be effective, you must use it, 100% must be used in the system, if you don’t update the system, the results will be lost. The results are not recognized, not used for other purposes.

Can’t be half-hearted! Half-way is not effective, people do not benefit from the application of technology, which will cost a lot of money and effort of businesses, health workers and people. Half-hearted is best not to do it in the first place!”, Mr. Hung said.

According to him, the health sector will have to use 100% mandatory, print 100% of vaccination certificates from the platform, 100% use the platform’s data instead of manual statistics in the traditional way. Only then will we not encounter the problem of wrong, the problem of missing data anymore.


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