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Unvaccinated Czech singer dies after voluntarily catching Covid-19

Opposed to anti-Covid vaccines, Hana Horka, singer of the Czech folk group Asonance, died on Sunday January 16 at the age of 57 after having deliberately contracted the virus in order to obtain her health pass.

Asked on Monday on public radio, the singer’s son, Jan Rek, explained that his mother refused to be vaccinated and voluntarily exposed herself to the disease that he and his father, both vaccinated, had caught before Christmas. “She decided to live normally with us and preferred to catch the disease rather than get vaccinated”, he specified.

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Two days before her death, Hana Horka wrote on social media: “I survived…it was colorful. So now there is going to be theatre, sauna, concert, sauna… and an urgent trip to the sea.”

20,000 daily contaminations

In the Czech Republic, proof of a recent Covid vaccine or infection is required in all cultural and sports venues, as well as in bars and restaurants. Jan Rek accused local figures of the anti-vaccine movement of having convinced his mother not to be vaccinated and thus having “blood on the hands”.

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“I know exactly who formed her opinion (…) I’m sad that she believed strangers more than her own family. It was not just total disinformation, but also opinions about natural immunity and the antibodies created by catching the disease”, regretted the son of the singer.

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The Czech Republic is currently facing a new epidemic wave, with more than 20,000 new contaminations recorded on Monday.

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