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UPSC: Didn’t get job, he came to Delhi, Javed got success in fifth attempt

Javed Hussain was successful in the fifth attempt. In the previous two attempts, he was eliminated after reaching the interview round and could not clear the prelims in two.

It is the dream of every educated youth to clear UPSC, but sometimes failure leads to disappointment. But with continuous hard work, success also comes. Today we will tell you about the story of such a candidate, who had started preparing for UPSC, but was not able to achieve success. He had also been disappointed many times, but he knew that with continuous hard work, he would definitely succeed.

We are talking about Javed Hussain. He managed to become an IAS officer by making Javed successful in the UPSC CSE-2018 exam. This journey was not so easy for Javed. Javed’s family is originally from Jharkhand and his father works in the forest department. Javed had told that his family has faced a lot of financial problems. But he wanted to become an IAS since childhood.

Did not get job: Javed Hussain had topped the entire district in class X and had come to Bokaro for class XII. He got good marks in 12th. After that he decided to do engineering. After studying from the Engineering Institute of Bhopal, he did not take any job. Javed remembers, this made him very disappointed. Because he expected that he would get selected in the campus placement, but it did not happen.

Javed then decided to move to Delhi. He had come to Delhi to prepare for the GATE exam. Here he also gave the examination of Engineering Services. In the third attempt, he got 123 rank in GATE exam and 24th rank in Indian Engineering Services. This is from the year 2013.

Couldn’t clear till prelims: Javed told the story of his struggle in an interview. He had told that he had reached the interview round in the very first attempt. This gave him a lot of confidence and he wanted to continue with UPSC preparation, but in the second attempt, he completely broke down as he could not even clear the prelims in it. He held himself up and in the third attempt he again reached the interview round. In his fourth attempt, his prelims also failed to clear.

Javed Hussain says, ‘UPSC teaches you a lot of things. Many times you reach the interview round, but you are not selected in the second attempt. Due to this, you also get frustrated and sometimes it becomes difficult to handle yourself. You start feeling that your preparation is getting less, but this exam is like that. Therefore, it is very important for you to take care of yourself by bypassing all such things.


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