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UPSC: Manish Kumar used to teach tuition to meet the cost of studies, got success in the first attempt

Manish Kumar, who hails from Saharsa, Bihar, has cleared the UPSC exam in his very first attempt. Manish started teaching tuitions to the children after the death of his father.

Every year lakhs of candidates appear in the UPSC exam. But success is only available to the select few. After getting failure many times, candidates get disappointed. Today we will tell you the story of Manish Kumar. The financial condition of Manish’s family was not good, but he did not give up and continued his preparations. Manish Kumar has got 581 rank in UPSC CSE 2020 exam.

Manish Kumar’s father, a resident of Saharsa, Bihar, had passed away. He was very young at that time. From the very beginning, the mother wanted her son to become a big officer by studying and writing. That’s why he never let Manish feel the lack of a father. Manish Kumar was smart in studies since childhood, but the poor financial condition of the house was troubling him again and again. Manish is the eldest among two brothers and a sister.

Father had passed away: Manish Kumar’s father Musafir Singh had brought the family from Saran to Saharsa. Here he used to work in a small medicine shop. But the family had no idea that the father’s shadow would rise from the heads of the children so soon. Idhan Manish Kumar passed his matriculation and his father passed away in the year 2010. Manish did not lose heart and continued his studies.

Manish decided to meet his own expenses at a point of time. During his graduation, he started teaching tuitions to children. Meanwhile, he himself used to study. UPSC requires full hard work and secondly he was not even taking coaching. But when Manish got success in UPSC exam and there was a wave of happiness in the whole family.

When Manish Kumar was asked about this, he said, ‘It takes hard work and dedication to achieve success, no matter how bad the situation. I just want to say that you have to work hard for this exam. It won’t happen for a day or two.


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