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US auto sales peak in May

While the auto industry continues to suffer due to chip shortages, some automakers’ sales hit a stellar record in May.

Some car manufacturers announced sales results in the past month, showing that not only exceeded May 2020 but also higher than May 2019, ie before the epidemic took place.

For example, Hyundai sold 90,017 vehicles in May, an increase of 56% over the same period in 2020 and an increase of 36% compared to May 2019. Hyundai is also the company that achieved the best growth in May and recorded a monthly sales record for the third consecutive month.

Toyota had very good business results in May, up 47% over the same period in 2020. Photo: WardsAuto

This impressive result comes at a time when the company’s inventory is very modest, according to Randy Parker, senior vice president of sales at Hyundai. “We’re certainly not immune to chip shortages, and are working our way up. Despite the huge sales over the past month, our job right now is to keep the supply chain running. flow and replenish stock as quickly as possible,” Parker said in an interview Automotive News.

Toyota also reported a 47% increase in sales compared to May 2020, and even inventories were only available for 8 days after May 31. General Motors also announced that it expects significantly better results in the second quarter thanks to improved chip supply.

Three brands with higher business results in May compared to the same period last year are Toyota (sold more than 212,000 vehicles, up 46%), Honda (more than 158,000 cars, up 43%) and Hyundai (sold more than 90,000 vehicles , up 56 percent.

But not all of the seven firms that reported May sales have seen their sales jump in the past month. Ford’s increase was only 3.7% compared to May 2020. Ford and Subaru are also two brands that did not surpass the sales of May 2019.

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