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Use this 1 thing mixed with coconut oil, will remove hairfall problem

Winter Haircare Tips: In this way, everyone is waiting for the winter season. There is an excess of laziness in these months, as well as enjoying delicious dishes. But people also face some problems in the changing season. From colds and colds to skin and hair damage, the winter season also brings with it some problems.

The weather becomes dry and dry in the cold, so when the hair comes in contact with the weather, it starts dehydrating. Due to this, hair loses its strength in dry season. This also increases the problem of hair fall. According to experts, to get rid of hair problems in this season, it is better to use home remedies than chemical products.

Curry leaves and coconut oil: Curry leaves contain beta carotene and essential protein which is beneficial for hair. A curry leaf rich in essential nutrients, anti-oxidants and amino acids also prevents hair thinning. At the same time, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that provide nourishment to the hair.

How to make hair mask: Crush 20-25 curry leaves in a blender. Now pour these leaves in half a cup of coconut oil. Boil it on low heat for a while. When this mixture cools down and becomes slightly lukewarm, apply it to your scalp and apply it to your hair.

Steam the hair if possible after applying it. This will make the effect of this hair mask even more. Those who do not have a steamer, soak towels in hot water and tie their hair to it. Put a shower cap so that the heat remains.

If you have time, leave this hair mask in the hair for the night. Even if you have to wash your hair on the same day, keep this mask in your hair for at least two hours. Then wash the hair with a gentle shampoo.

Curry leaves contain anti-oxidant and amino acids that prevent hair loss and strengthen hair follicles. Not only this, it produces melanin which helps to overcome the problem of white hair.

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