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Use this hair mask made from fenugreek to prevent hair loss, use this way

Today, hair loss has become a common problem. Due to stressful life and deteriorating lifestyle, hair quickly turns white and breaks. However, sometimes due to prolonged cold-cold, hair loss, breakage and whitening can also occur. Fenugreek seeds may prove beneficial for dealing with hair problem. The use of a mask made of fenugreek makes the hair dark, long, thick and shiny.

These nutrients are in fenugreek seeds: Many types of nutrients are present in the fenugreek found in the kitchen. It is rich in potassium, vitamin A, K, C, iron, calcium and folic, which is effective in getting rid of all the problems related to hair. Fenugreek hair mask also prevents hair loss, white hair and dandruff.

Hair can be washed with fenugreek seeds: Washing the head with fenugreek water makes hair strong and healthy. For this, soak fenugreek in water at night. Then use this water to wash hair. You can wash your hair twice a week with fenugreek seeds. At the same time, if your hair is dry and lifeless, then grind fenugreek seeds and mix it in coconut oil. Then you can benefit from applying this oil in hair.

This is how to make hair mask with fenugreek seeds: To make hair mask, soak fenugreek seeds at night. Remove fenugreek and grind it in the morning. Then add lemon juice to this paste. Apply this mask to the hair. Wash the head when it dries. This makes your hair soft and shiny.

Apart from this, fenugreek leaves can also be masked. Boil fenugreek leaves, extract the extract. Then one teaspoon of yogurt can be used in this juice.

Mask can also be made by mixing lemon juice and amla powder in fenugreek powder to get rid of white hair. It is effective in getting rid of white hair. For this, mix milk in fenugreek powder. It can be used as a conditioner.

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