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Used to sell books for a living, Akash Tyagi decided to become an IAS after mother’s illness

Akash Tyagi had cleared the UPSC exam in the very first attempt. He had told that his father wanted him to do a government job.

Every year lakhs of candidates try their luck in UPSC. But success is only available to the select few. Today we will tell you the story of Akash Tyagi, who may later become an IAS officer, but this journey was not easy for him at all. In school, Akash had failed in so many subjects that his family did not believe that he would never be able to succeed.

Father had left government job: Akash Tyagi had told during an interview, my family used to be very worried about me. This was the reason that once my mother had shown my horoscope to the astrologer. Astrology had said on seeing that I would not be able to do anything in life and there was no question of government job. When my father was in the Air Force, he also started worrying about my future. Being in the Air Force, his transfer was very high.

Akash while talking to ‘Josh Talks’ had told, My father felt that maybe he gets transferred frequently and this is affecting my studies a lot. He left his job. But after that he did not even get any private job because the recession had come in India. I also had many challenges in front of me, so I sometimes sold books and sometimes juice to make a living. Got admission in engineering after 12th. There also no job was found in any company.

According to Akash Tyagi, I used to be very careless during that time. But in the meantime my mother had a heart attack. When I went to meet my mother in the hospital, a voice came from my heart that something should be done. On the other hand, the father’s point was also being remembered that for security, one should do a government job. I told my friend that okay tell me which is the most difficult exam. He told- UPSC. I shifted to Delhi with this dream. After this I cleared not one but 8 government jobs exams in the first attempt and one such exam was UPSC.


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