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Using castor oil can cause hair thinning, know which oil to use and which not…

Haircare Tips: Dust, mud, wrong haircare products, excessive use of beauty products call for many hair problems. Nowadays hair fall problem has become very common in people, due to which the hair becomes very thin. Also, sometimes people complain of not increasing the length of hair. Everyone worry about their hair, for this people use different types of remedies. However, speaking of grandmother’s tips, applying hair oil is the most effective for hair growth. But to know which oil is suitable for hair, it is also very important to know –

Coconut Oil: Most people use coconut oil for scalp massage, which is also beneficial. This oil can prove to be very beneficial for people suffering from dry and damaged hair. Coconut oil is also effective in giving shine to lifeless hair. Also, its use also reduces the problem of hairfall. Apply oil to hair regularly by heating it slightly.

mustard oil: People hesitate to use it on hair due to its smell. However, mustard oil is effective in removing many hair problems. This oil should be used for hair growth and strong hair.

Almond Oil: This oil contains abundant vitamin-E which is helpful in keeping hair healthy. It reaches the roots of the hair and nourishes them, making them long and strong. People can use this oil with Brahmi.

Sesame oil: There is no addition of sesame oil to provide nutrition to the scalp. For those who are suffering from the problem of thin and rough hair, this oil proves to be a panacea. It is helpful in maintaining moisture in the hair, it can be used with Brahmi or jaggery.

These oils prove to be very bad for hair: Many people use castor oil for their damaged hair which can also be harmful to the hair. Experts believe that their hair becomes thin and tangled, so it is better to avoid them. Apart from this, olive oil also has more disadvantages than benefits for hair. At the same time, lemon oil dilutes the hair roots, increasing the risk of hairfall.

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