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Vaccination now open to all adults in a large part of the overseas territories

The vaccine target will be widely extended in several overseas territories, rising to 18 years in a large part of them, and even at 16 years old in Mayotte, the youngest department in France, said Friday, April 30. Ministry of Overseas.

In Mayotte, “Vaccination is open to all people over 16, without any other criteria”, according to the ministry.

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Vaccination is open to all inhabitants over 18, without restriction, in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Martin, as well as Wallis-et-Futuna, and Saint-Pierre -and-Miquelon, according to the same source.

Finally, the ARS of Reunion aligned with the announcements of the Minister of Health Olivier Veran this Friday morning. Vaccination is now open to over “18 years old with comorbidities and from May 3 to over 50s without comorbidities”, he said in the afternoon.

“Greater mistrust than in metropolitan France”

“These expansions are new specific measures, helping to speed up the vaccination strategy in the French Overseas Territories, while the mistrust of vaccines is greater there than in mainland France; the lack of support in overseas territories constituting one of the main obstacles to vaccination ”, explains the ministry.

In Martinique, “The vaccine target will be extended to any adult regardless of their status”, the 10% vaccination coverage of all the inhabitants of Martinique not being “Clearly not yet satisfactory”, assured the director of the ARS Jérôme Viguier during a press conference Thursday.

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“The vaccination rate for the area of ​​Guadeloupe and the northern islands appears in national statistics to be very low”, recognized the prefecture of Guadeloupe which also indicated that as of this Friday, “Vaccination will be gradually opened to people aged 18 and over”, in a press release.

In Guyana, the authorities had decided to extend vaccination to over 18s last week.

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