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“Vaccines no thank you”: thousands of demonstrators gathered in Brussels against anti-Covid measures

Thousands of demonstrators, 8,000 according to the police, gathered this Sunday, December 5 in the streets of Brussels to protest against the management of the health crisis in Belgium.

The Covid, test of the crises of the 21st century

The procession marched peacefully at the beginning of the afternoon, despite a few firecrackers and distress flares, surrounded by a large police force. Protesters danced to techno music.

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Anger against the measures imposed

“Vaccines no thank you”, “Covid = organized genocide”, “QR = swastika”, could we read on the signs. “No vaccine for our children”chanted a group of women.

Nightclubs and restaurants close at 11 p.m.… new restrictions in Belgium

Protesters denounce the obligations imposed on the population since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to limit contamination, such as the health pass made compulsory to access certain places. They also criticize the media coverage of the crisis.

Riot police units with shields and helmets were deployed around the European quarter which houses the EU institutions. Several roads were blocked with fences and barbed wire. Water cannons were also stationed in town as a helicopter flew over the area.

“Act 2, March for freedom”

Two weeks ago the police were surprised by the scale of the mobilization and had failed to prevent the overflows.

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Baptized “Act 2, March for freedom”, the demonstration intends to continue the mobilization of November 21 which had brought together 35,000 people, according to the police, in the Belgian capital.

Netherlands, Belgium … Troubles in several European countries over the return of anti-Covid restrictions

The procession, initially peaceful, had given way to scenes of riots. Far-right activists had been spotted in numbers, as well as Flemish nationalist flags.

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Several cities in Europe have experienced such mobilisations, notably in the Netherlands and Austria, while governments have increased the constraints in recent weeks in the face of a new wave of contamination.

Thus, Belgium announced Friday the closure of nursery and primary schools, for Christmas holidays, a week in advance to counter the epidemic resumption.

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