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Varun Gandhi himself went to Aunt Sonia’s house with his wedding invitation, no one attended

Varun Gandhi, son of Sanjay Gandhi-Maneka Gandhi, is a BJP MP. His father was counted among the strong leaders of the Congress, but there came a time when Maneka had to leave the house with Varun. Maneka started her politics with BJP. After this Varun also came into politics and became an MP. Varun Gandhi married graphic designer Yamini Roy Chowdhury in the year 2011.

Varun and Yamini were married in a simple wedding ceremony in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Varun Gandhi himself had reached 10 district, the residence of his aunt Sonia Gandhi, with an invitation for marriage. Varun Gandhi was accompanied by his mother Maneka Gandhi. After a long time, when Varun suddenly reached Sonia’s house, different discussions had also started. According to ‘Aaj Tak’, this meeting lasted for about 20 minutes and Varun happily left the house.

This decision of Varun Gandhi was also highly praised. Sonia Gandhi did not attend the wedding ceremony even after Varun and Maneka’s invitation. According to news agency ‘PTI’, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi did not even come to Varun Gandhi’s wedding. Whereas Varun Gandhi was present at Priyanka Gandhi’s wedding in 1997. Varun had said, ‘Priyanka didi could not come because she was not well while Rahul Bhai’s leg is getting fractured.’

Varun Gandhi targeted Congress: At the same time, when Maneka Gandhi was asked about this, there was a slight displeasure with her language. Maneka Gandhi had said, ‘Those who had to come have come.’ In a recent interview, when Varun Gandhi was asked about the victory of Congress in states like Jharkhand and Maharashtra, he taunted that BJP’s benchmark is so high that other parties understand less achievement more. . Varun Gandhi had said that you are talking of Maharashtra. Count the seats of the party you are talking about and BJP’s seats are four times theirs.

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