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Vendée Globe: Damien Seguin, first disabled sailor and first short

The Nantes skipper is at the top of the ranking on Monday evening with his old drift boat. This is the beautiful story of the start of the Vendée Globe.

The beautiful story continues for Damien Seguin. The first disabled sailor (he was born without a left hand), the skipper of the Groupe Apicil boat has been leading the Vendée Globe since Monday at 12 noon. It is he who, taking advantage of his position in the south-west of the fleet, leads the dance in the Bay of Biscay, to the somewhat general surprise. Behind him, Maxime Sorel (V and B-Mayenne) is 10.4 miles and Jean Le Cam (Yes we Cam), the oldest, is 12.1 miles. Benjamin Dutreux (OMIA-Water Family) follows at 15.65 miles ahead of Romain Attanasio (Pure-Best Western) raised to 15.9 miles.

Nicolas Troussel (Corum L’Epargne) is in 6th place and first in the group of foiling boats which have left further north than their rivals with a right daggerboard, of which the very first boats in the ranking are part. Including that of Damien Seguin, multi-medalist for the disabled and who is trying his luck for the first time on the legendary round the world. For the time being, with his “old boat”, he is taking advantage of the light airs to resist the foilers which cannot yet express their power.

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Before embarking on Sunday, the 41-year-old from Nantes confessed his joy at being able to take the start of the Vendée Globe, he who had to fight to access the pontoons of offshore racing. “It’s always a bit special on a start morning but I’m really happy to be there. I am somewhat aware of the road traveled to get there. There is no more. My team has done its job now it’s up to me to continue the work. This is what I have been waiting for a long time. This dream has come true. I want to tell something quite simple about this Vendée Globe: the story of a kid who was born a little different but who fulfills his dreams like everyone else. ”

And so far, the story is as beautiful as a dream.


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