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Vertical batteries help electric cars go farther

The new battery block will be placed along the back of the two front seats instead of being placed on the floor as usual.

Page-Roberts is a London-based startup that claims to be able to improve the range of an electric car by up to 30% with a very unique patented design. .

Instead of placing the battery block on the floor of the car as is done now, Page-Roberts installed the battery pack vertically behind the front seats in the cabin, creating a separation between the two rows of seats and the rear seats would rotate in reverse.

The startup says the skateboard-style battery block layout adds height, wheelbase and “structural complexity”. The vertical orientation of the battery pack can improve the “design, user experience, and production cost of electric vehicles”.

The battery stands vertically between the two rows of seats.

The company also claims that an electric vehicle with a vertically mounted battery pack allows passengers to sit lower, while also making the vehicle lighter and aerodynamically efficient.

As a result, the vehicle is 30% more capable of traveling on a single charge, or uses a smaller battery to maintain the same range as it currently has. At the same time, it is estimated that production costs can be cut by 36% and the car is affordable.

“Our design concept reduces costs, increases efficiency, enhances agility, and provides freedom of design. Efficiency translates to less charge time from higher capacity batteries or larger sizes. battery size is smaller, so the pressure on the charging point – a difficult but important point for the industry – will also decrease,” said Mark Simon, chief technology officer of Page-Roberts.

Compared to the battery pack located in the floor, the interior height tends to be limited and the passengers have a higher seating position, which does not have a sporty feel. In some cases, the floor-mounted battery pack makes the electric vehicle a bit taller, which is bad for aerodynamics.

However, the vertical battery block design is best applied to small electric vehicles, namely “four-seater with sleek and sporty styling” due to its low height design and short wheelbase.

One disadvantage is that the center of gravity will increase, but the company says the center of gravity will improve when the battery block does not exceed 75 kWh. If used in mass-market electric vehicle production, the design could help boost EV adoption rates in some countries by increasing range and reducing production costs.

However, one final issue that greatly affects the feasibility of this patent, is creating space between people in the car. Not to mention, having to sit with your back when the car runs will make many users uncomfortable.

Minh Quan (according to the Inside EVs)


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