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Viber users can transfer money, recharge with chatbox MoMo

Thursday, July 15, 2021 15:01 PM (GMT+7)

This feature helps to shorten the money transfer operation, request money transfer or recharge the phone.

Viber has just added a feature to help users make money transfers, split money or recharge phones right on this application. The feature appears as a MoMo chatbot (Gif+ icon at the bottom of the Viber chat screen).

Already able to transfer, receive money quickly from Viber application.

To “Transfer money” or “Request money transfer”, users only need to enter the recipient’s phone number, the amount to send and enter the message. Immediately after, the operation will be transferred directly to the MoMo application, users only need to log in with password / fingerprint / Face ID and confirm. When the transaction is complete, the screen will return to the Viber interface.

As for the “Divide money” option, right in the chat groups, users just need to select MoMo, then enter the total amount to be divided. At that time, the money transfer link will be transferred to the group chat window. The recipient only needs to click on the link, enter the amount to be transferred and confirm. This feature promises to be useful for groups of friends and colleagues when they often have food and shopping bills to share.

When you need to “Top up your phone”, users are transferred directly to the MoMo application, then just choose the denomination and confirm it. In addition to direct phone top-up, users can buy phone card codes or 3G/4G data. In particular, users can make phone top-ups, buy phone card codes or 3G/4G data for themselves or for others.

On this occasion of cooperation, MoMo and Viber will send gift codes to new users of MoMo wallet when registering MoMo chatbot on Viber (type “MoMo” in Viber search bar > Select chatbot “MoMo wallet” > Enter a message with content “MoMo”). Users who transfer MoMo money on Viber from now until August 1 will also have the opportunity to receive a refund.

Note: Chatbox MoMo on Viber application only helps to quickly open MoMo application on the same smartphone to perform Money Transfer, Money Transfer Request or Phone Recharge. Therefore, users need to pre-install the MoMo application on the device and must have an account.


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