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VIDEO. Absent father, depressed mother, traumatic childhood… Darth Vader on the shrink’s couch before World “Star Wars” day

“Darth Vader is first and foremost a small child who had a traumatic childhood, we could say today. He is a slave, has no father and lives with a depressed mother. a teenager will be born who seeks a father figure without finding it. He encounters his own violence and no one puts a limit to his violence, no one manages to contain him, to help him grow… and he will switch to the dark side “, explains psychiatrist Hughes Paris to the magazine “8:30 p.m. on Saturday” (replay).

“To me, Darth Vader is a melancholy. Melancholy is not depression, sadness, ‘I’m not happy today, life is shit, etc.’ No, not someone who is taken by movements of melancholy fury. This is something fundamentally brutal, profound. “, specifies the co-author with Hubert Stoecklin, of the book Star Wars at the risk of psychoanalysis. Darth Vader, melancholy teenager? (ed. Erès).

“George Lucas created a universal with this character”

This character therefore sees everything in black… but did he really have a choice? “Whatever childhood he has had … not everyone who has had the same childhood is automatically entitled to act as he did, considers the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven. We are not responsible for the hardships we receive in life, the blows we take in the face… but we are responsible for what we do with it. ”

The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hughes Paris adds: “The strength of George Lucas [le réalisateur, scénariste et producteur américain créateur de la saga Star Wars] is to have created a universal with this character of Darth Vader. Basically, he comes to explain Good and Evil to us in terms that speak to children and their parents today. “ Like every year, the world day of “Star Wars”, or Star Wars Day, takes place on May 4th …

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