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VIDEO. At the Cité Curial, a giant cinema screen delights the inhabitants of the district


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Watching a film on a giant 20-meter screen from your balcony is the experience of the inhabitants of the Cité Curial in Paris.

Watching a movie together is what makes cinema magical. “At the Cité Curial in Paris, the cine balcon project organizes open-air film screenings. It is then possible to relax in front of a film from your window or balcony. An initiative that delights the inhabitants.”The idea with these experiences is also to go and find this audience, to show that seeing a film on a big screen is not the same as seeing it alone at home.“, estimates Mathieu Robinet, distributor.

And for the proper functioning of the project, everyone is helping out. Like Idrissa Diabaté, actor, who takes care to mobilize the inhabitants to explain to them how the balcony cinema works. “Ohand out a few flyers to tell them how they can hear the sound“, he explains.

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