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VIDEO. Kate Winslet recounts the moments that changed her life

“You have to work hard. And you have to work hard all the time.” Here’s advice from Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. She got her taste for adventure from her mother who encouraged her four children to go outside and play and experiment in order to learn: “She wanted us to be outside climbing trees, digging for worms, having adventures, cooking, enjoying life, swimming in rivers, swimming in the sea. “

Without parental pressure, she feels free to choose: “I felt like I had the freedom to follow my dreams and the path I wanted to take, to enjoy my life without being stressed. “

20 years: the cast for Titanic

At 46, his record began with the worldwide success of the film Titanic. She plays the young Rose, whom millions of people envied to play alongside Leonardo Di Caprio. For her, it’s a surprise: “I said to myself: I have no chance, I am English. There’s no way, “‘I couldn’t believe it when I got the part.”

33 years old: the Oscar for The Reader

And then it’s the Oscar. At only 33 years old, the actress realizes her dream, not without emotion: “I almost threw up. I remember thinking to myself: oh my god I can’t speak. My mouth, my throat completely dried up. “

45 years: The Mare of Easttown series

Kate Winset is not only passionate about cinema, she is passionate about people. Stories, lives lived or imagined. If she embodies her characters so well, it’s because she brings them to life in her imagination. And the public can see it, the success of the Mare of Easttown series is one proof of this.

45 years: the Lights Of Women award at the Cannes film festival

The actress is now aware of what she represents in cinema and understands the importance of the momentum of emancipation that women and the younger generations are advancing today: “I think a younger generation of women are learning to express their voice in a much more spontaneous way, without hesitation, without fear, without judgment.”

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