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VIDEO. The story of an illegal abortion told by Audrey Diwan



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In her film “L’Événement” at the cinema on November 24, she tells the story of a young woman who decides to have an abortion clandestinely in France in the 1960s. Brut met the director Audrey Diwan.

“”L’Événement “is the story of Anne, who is a promising young student, who discovers one day that she is pregnant. She decides to have an abortion, unfortunately we are at the beginning of the 1960s in France and the law forbids it“, explains Audrey Diwan, director of the film. It was therefore necessary to find a way to abort clandestinely.”We must find almost like resistance networks“, considers Audrey Diwan.

The film “L’Événement” is adapted from Annie Ernaux’s novel where she tells about her own clandestine abortion, in 1963. “I discovered it after having an abortion, I needed to read on the subject, I was struck by the immense difference, of course, which exists between a medical abortion and what is a course of clandestine abortion“, considers the filmmaker.

According to her, we know the word “abortion” for want of knowing the reality of the process and “how much a young woman is left to herself”. “While writing the film, I kept wondering who owns the female body. I wondered if, at the time, it belonged to the law, if it belonged to science, if it belonged to men. And there are very few moments when I said to myself: “But deep down, the body of the woman belongs to her.“”, says Audrey Diwan.

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