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VIDEO. They advocate a realistic representation of female pleasure on the screen


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The female orgasm is always linked to the clitoris. Yet most of the sex scenes on the screen forget this and portray a false image of female pleasure. The “Clit Test” celebrates works that realistically represent female pleasure.

For women, all orgasms go through the clitoris. Yet when we see sex scenes on screen, he is rarely portrayed. “It’s really frustrating to see all these sex scenes over and over again so horrible, which present penetration as the end of sex.“Deplores Frances Rayner, creator of the” Clit Test “. Also called the clit test in French, the latter makes it possible to verify whether a sex scene takes into account the clitoris and realistically depicts the sexual pleasure of women. Frances Rayner and Irene Tortajada created it to encourage filmmakers and writers to give the clitoris as much screen time as penetration.As a teenager, Frances Rayner already saw that society favored male sexual pleasure.

Some researchers believe that the focus on penetration may be the cause of a deviation from orgasm in real life: cis women, who have sex with cis men, have less sex. orgasms than women who masturbate only, women who have sex with women, men who have sex with men or men who have sex with women.

While the majority of research on sexuality has focused on cisgender people, the clit test also assesses sex scenes featuring trans and non-binary characters.

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