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Villas-Boas reframes Valbuena and looks forward to facing Guardiola

The OM coach, who will host this Tuesday at the Manchester City Velodrome as part of the second day of the Champions League, returned to a press conference on the Valbuena case. He also took the opportunity to greet Pep Guardiola, the Spanish coach of the Citizens. A “source of inspiration” for the Portuguese.

On the eve of facing Manchester City in the Champions League, Marseille coach André Villas-Boas replied curtly to Olympiakos leader Mathieu Valbuena, and former OM, who on RMC, a week ago, criticized the attitude of Marseille players in their 1-0 loss to Piraeus. “I saw little soul in this team. I have not seen a personality, I have not seen mutual aid between them, I have not seen a leader ”. According to the OM technical coach: “Valbuena’s answer comes from the result of the match. It is a match that ends at 1-0 but which could have ended in a draw or 1-0 for us with the action of Dario (Benedetto). It has nothing to do (with the state of mind of the team). I didn’t expect that from an experienced player like him. We always seek our balance and answers in the game but not at the level of solidarity. We will continue our journey and my team continues its efforts to the end. “

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During the pre-match press conference on Monday, the Portuguese technician also stopped on … Pep Guardiola, the Citizens coach on Tuesday’s visit (9:00 p.m.) at the Velodrome. “A source of inspiration” for Villas-Boas. He readily admits that “Pep” is distinguished by his permanent invention. “He always innovates around the game, there are few managers who are not obsessed only by titles, he is one of those who can always propose and bring the game further”, greets the Portuguese. The OM coach quotes “this desire to revive runs from behind, to take risks, which has influenced others. He pushed him to the next level with Ederson (his goalkeeper) also able to play in spaces because he hits far ”. Guardiola has become the benchmark for experimentation, but this pragmatic side is sometimes overwhelmed by his passion for purely tactical challenges and his taste for the unpredictability of his teams.

On the other hand, Villas-Boas (43) seems to have the upper hand in communication, where he excels and has seduced the environment in Marseille, from the media to the supporters. Guardiola (49) speaks readily at a press conference, he assumes the expectations around his position and his reputation, and does not shy away from questions. But after a negative result he can have short answers without being brittle. AVB, who speaks five languages, gladly explains his tactical choices down to the last detail and always gives journalists “balls”. He feeds the chronicles by giving his opinion on arbitration or television rights, and responds frankly on all subjects, even on current affairs of the transfer window, where omerta previously reigned. Finally Villas-Boas, like Guardiola, publicly fiercely defend their players. Jordan Amavi last year or Dimitri Payet today for AVB, Phil Foden during the case of the young girls at the hotel or Sergio Agüero who had grabbed a linesman by the neck for Pep. This is the last point in common between two great coaches who will finally compete on Tuesday at the Velodrome stadium.


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