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Villas-Boas (very) raised against Mediapro: “It’s a scandal”

The Marseille coach appeared very reassured at a press conference when discussing the situation of Mediapro.

A tackle with both feet off the ground. In football jargon, the exit of André Villas-Boas against Mediapro cannot be qualified otherwise. Brought up to discuss current affairs at a press conference on Thursday, the OM technician did not hesitate to give his opinion on the Mediapro soap opera which shakes and worries all of French football. “The news about the broadcaster is totally amazing, I’ve never heard that in my life,” he said, without hiding his anger and annoyance. A guy (Jaume Roures, the boss of Mediapro) who speaks at the start of the season like the great savior of French football and who now doesn’t have the money to pay, it’s still absurd. “

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“I too can dream of a house in Beverly Hills for 20 million euros but I cannot buy it. So I am not going to make a proposal to acquire it ”

André Villas-Boas

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Wishing to renegotiate downward the amount of TV rights, in particular with regard to the payment of the first year due to the Covid-19 context, the Sino-Spanish group finds itself in conflict with the LFP, which has put it in remains. A situation that “AVB” does not appreciate, also worried about the repercussions on the finances of clubs and necessarily of OM. “I am surprised that the League did not protect itself with bank guarantees. It’s surprising to make a deal and then put the clubs in an economic bankruptcy situation with a decision like that. It’s surprising, I don’t know how we’re going to get by, I trust the League and the clubs to find the best solution. “

To close this subject which freezes all of French football in recent days, the OM coach preferred to get away with a joke. “I too can dream of a house in Beverly Hills for 20 million euros but I cannot buy it. So I am not going to make an offer to acquire it. It’s the same thing: if you don’t have the money, you don’t participate in the call for tenders for the broadcasting rights of the French Championship. It is a scandal.”


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