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VinFast electric cars receive many reviews from international media

Business Insider believes that VinFast is “challenging Tesla at home”, while Canada’s Driving page says “VinFast has no lack of ambition”.

Comments on the appearance of VinFast at LA Auto Show 2021, Business Insider titled “VinFast will sell cars in the US in 2022, challenging Tesla at home”. The world’s leading financial site also said that when entering the US market, the Vietnamese car company will compete with other electric vehicle startups such as Rivian, Lucid and even Tesla.

VinFast electric car duo at the launch ceremony at LA Auto Show 2021. Photo: Screen capture.

Driving, a famous Canadian automotive news site, highly appreciates that VinFast has joined hands with the world’s leading partners, holding the core technology of electric vehicles such as super-fast charging and solid-state batteries. “One thing is for sure, VinFast has no lack of ambition, the future is very promising”, the above article Driving there is a paragraph. This news agency also quoted VinFast global CEO Michael Lohscheller as saying that VinFast is very confident when it comes to the US market, towards reaching out globally.

VinFast’s VF e35 and VF e36 car duo also received positive reviews from specialized automotive sites, when they appeared at LA Auto Show 2021. Automotive News in North America dedicated a separate article about two completely new car models, the first “phenomenon” of a Vietnamese car company entering the US market.

VinFast VF e35 at the US public launch ceremony.  Photo: VinFast.

VinFast VF e35 at the US public launch ceremony. Photo: VinFast.

This page has reviewed the leading intelligent features on the VF e35 and VF e36 such as: intelligent virtual assistant, remote car control, multi-connected service, online shopping… VinFast will equip an engine. 300 kW, battery capacity of 86 kWh for the e35 and 95 kWh for the e36, ranges of 500 km and 550 km respectively.

“These parameters are based on a European standard, which, according to the Global Light Vehicle Uniform Test Procedure (WLTP), is considered superior to the US standard set by the EPA.” Automotive News evaluate. This news agency also revealed that VinFast’s upcoming models can be equipped with technology such as lane-keeping assist and collision warning, as well as automatic parking and vehicle recall functions.

VinFast VF e36 at LA Auto Show 2021.

VinFast VF e36 at LA Auto Show 2021. Photo: VinFast.

“VinFast is holding in hand the necessary elements to produce high-tech vehicles, promising to create the latest self-driving cars, integrating AI, virtual assistants, new generation solid-state batteries…”, Automotive newspaper in the US has a paragraph. “The technological strength of VinFast also comes from 1,900 experts and technicians developing artificial intelligence and support from Vingroup. The battery rental policy will help the Vietnamese car company increase its competitiveness and ensure convenience. benefit American users”.

The official announcement of the global electric vehicle brand and the introduction of two electric vehicle models VF e35, VF e36 at LA Auto Show 2021 is the first step for VinFast’s strategy to conquer the international market. It is expected that after this event, the Vietnamese car company will expand its business activities to Canada and European countries in the following months.

In terms of size and configuration, VinFast VF e35 is equivalent to Tesla Model Y while VinFast VF e36 can compete with Tesla’s Model X series. However, VinFast did not make a statement that these two models belong to the luxury segment.

The company has not yet announced the official selling price for the two electric SUV models, only at the level of introducing products to the American public and major news agencies, specialized in automobiles in the world.

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