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VinFast is the highest rated car company for service quality

Among the 5 companies that are highly rated for service quality, VinFast accounted for 69% of the votes of readers.

In 2021, based on a survey system and feedback from about 3 million readers Xe-VnExpress Regarding service quality, including factors such as reception, waiting time, repair costs, after-sales service…, the Editorial Board selected the top 5 car brands with the highest scores including VinFast, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Toyota. and Hyundai.

There were 3,600 readers giving reviews to 5 brands with the following results: 69% voted VinFast, 15 voted Toyota, 6% chose Honda, 6% chose Hyundai and 4% chose Mitsubishi. Thus, VinFast becomes the car company that readers appreciate the most for service quality.

Two awards won by VinFast at Car Awards 2021.

Newly established for a few years, but the Vietnamese car company is highly appreciated by readers for its service quality, from customer care to repair and maintenance. Recently, after the news that the company will stop producing gasoline cars from 2022, many customers have expressed doubts about whether the company will maintain service with gasoline cars. Right after that, VinFast announced a 10-year warranty for gasoline cars, as a commitment to service.

This title was honored at the Car Awards 2021. Within the framework of this award, VinFast has 2 typical representatives. Fadil became the car of five small A-size car segments and Lux ​​A2.0 was the car of five DE-sized sedan segments.

If Fadil is an A-size car with many outstanding advantages in the segment, Lux A2.0 is no less competitive. The sedan has a large space, the driving feeling is quite compact and sporty. With many price incentives, this is a car worth the money in the segment.

Video honoring typical car models

Car Awards 2021.

Car Awards 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor the typical car models of the market.VnExpress-Xeorganization, in order to create a reputable reference source for readers, systematic, can synthesize the reviews of experts and experienced users.

The Car Awards 2021 ecosystem has a series of events, the focus being on the “Car of the Year” and “Car of the Year” polls for each segment.

“Car of the Year 2021” is the final award of the Car Awards 2021, selected by the Organizing Committee from the top 15 models in each segment. The selected car model must ensure the criteria to meet the current needs of Vietnamese customers, and at the same time update the trends of the world auto industry, be able to forecast and suggest demand for consumers in the future. near future.

The awards in each segment will be selected by the Jury with the structure: 60% of the points come from the Expert Panel and 40% of the points come from experienced readers. The expert panel selected by the Organizing Committee is specialized journalists, vehicle evaluation experts, technical experts, sales and product experts. Meanwhile, experienced readers are those who have used cars for many years and completed professional questionnaires given by the Organizing Committee.



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