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VinFast recalls more than 2,800 Chevrolet Spark cars

The number of vehicles recalled is due to the fact that the floor mats and metal parts underneath such as the seat frame, seat rails, etc. may be corroded.

This recall program starts from October 25, 2021 and lasts until October 25, 2025, and applies to 2,853 Chevrolet Spark units assembled by General Motors (GM) Vietnam between March 2014 and December. 2015. Because VinFast acquired the operation of the American joint venture in Vietnam from June 2018, the Vietnamese car company conducted this recall.

A 2014 Chevrolet Spark model. Photo: GM

The details under the car such as the seat frame, seat rails, seat belt racks, fuel tank cap levers… can be corroded (oxidized) under conditions of high temperature and humidity of the climate. Vietnam. This is not a big problem because the natural corrosion process is slow, every car is the same.

However, on the Chevrolet Spark, the floor mats contain bromine (Br). If bromine comes into contact with metal parts under the carpet, it can cause the corrosion process to take place faster, causing damage to components and affecting vehicle safety.

The company has not recorded any vehicle that is so corroded that the floor is punctured.

Vehicles subject to the recall will be checked and replaced with new floor panels at authorized VinFast dealers. The technician will check the condition of the metal panels under the floor and replace if necessary. All free. The time to fix the error on the car is long, about 8-32 hours/car.

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