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VinFast VF e34 appeared on the street for the first time

HanoiSmall electric car model VF e34 first appeared as a test run with a sealed camouflage layer.

VF e34 appeared in the urban area of ​​Vingroup in Long Bien, with many people searching for it as its employee. The car is covered with a full camouflage layer, but it can be seen that the lines of the lights, the sealed grille of electric cars, the wheels are not much different from the recently appeared design.

VF e34 appeared in Hanoi.

Building on the orientation of a C-sized high-chassis car, VinFast’s CUV has only one electric version, aimed at green urban cars. The car is fully electric and has no petrol version.

Vehicles equipped with electric motor, capacity of 110 kW (150 hp), torque of 242 Nm. A range of 300 km after each full charge, with 15-minute quick charge mode, can travel a distance of 180 km. Vehicle warranty 10 years.

Right after opening, the car had more than 4,000 thousand orders in just 12 hours. Car price is 690 million, priority is 590 million with customers booked before 30/6.

VinFast VF34 runs on the road

Currently, VinFast has not shared any further details or other information related to VF e34, it is expected that the car will be delivered to Vietnamese customers in November.

Wheelchair on the road.

Wheelchair on the road.

Doan Dung
Image: VF Club


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