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Violence “epidemic”: Biden calls for ban on assault rifles for individuals

President Joe Biden on Thursday, April 8 called for a ban on assault rifles for individuals, unveiling his limited plan to combat the“Epidemic” gun violence.

“We should also ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines”, he said at an event held in the gardens of the White House.

Gun violence, the other epidemic raging in the United States

Sandy Hook, Atlanta, Boulder … President Joe Biden denounced this Thursday the“Epidemic” gun violence in the United States, listing the series of deadly shootings that have plagued the country in recent years.

“It’s an international disgrace”

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, it is an international disgrace”, he lambasted during a speech at the White House, in front of survivors of these shootings.

“Their pain is immense”, lamented the Democratic president, before unveiling a limited plan to fight against firearms.

Joe Biden assured that none of these measures“Encroached” on the second amendment to the Constitution, brandished by the defenders of firearms as the guarantee of their right to carry a weapon.

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