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Volvo removes leather from car interiors

The Swedish automaker aims to replace all leather in the car with a new material called “Nordico” produced by the company itself.

Volvo will essentially not use leather in its upcoming electric vehicles. The move stems from concerns around the environmental impacts of livestock production, as livestock is responsible for a large portion of the greenhouse effect.

The switch to using other materials instead of leather has been made on its C40 electric crossover. Volvo says the material it uses instead of cowhide is called “Nordico”. It’s a material Volvo designed and manufactured itself, hoping to become the new standard for high-end interior design.

On the left is the leather interior on Volvo cars, on the right is the interior with new materials of the company.

Volvo says it uses textiles made from PET bottles, recycled cork, and biomaterials sourced from the forests of Sweden and Finland. This new material is set to appear in the next generation of Volvo models.

In addition to Nordico, Volvo says it will continue to offer wool-blend interior options. Volvo specifically calls for the use of certified wool for the sake of the environment. In addition, Volvo is continuing to work on even more materials that it can use in seats and interior upholstery to replace or simulate leather.

“Being a progressive car manufacturer means we need to tackle all areas of sustainability, not just CO2 emissions,” said Stuart Templar, global sustainability director at Volvo Cars. Responsible sourcing is an important part of that work, including respecting animal rights.Leatherless inside our electric vehicles is the next step to solving the problem. this”.

However, Volvo can’t completely change the interior materials at this time. They are planning to gradually reduce the use of livestock products in plastics, rubber, lubricants and adhesives, but cars have not yet been able to completely eliminate dependence on animals.

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