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Warning: Stop using Google Chrome if you don’t want to be crawled

Monday, March 22, 2021 20:22 PM (GMT + 7)

The new Forbes website issued a warning to stop using Google Chrome because the platform is collecting “huge” data of users.

If you are among the billions of people using Chrome, then Google’s new crawl revelations will make you fall back.

Last year, when Apple made a request to force app developers to disclose the size of the data collected and associated with their users, all the attention was on Google and Facebook. Many people believe that this will reveal the mysterious jobs of the two technology “tycoons”. And this suspicion is completely correct.

Google holds the data “super huge”

The problem for Google is that, unlike Facebook, it takes up two technology spikes. On the one hand, the company holds user privacy in the Android ecosystem and has a huge fortune thanks to advertising on Google itself.

According to a report from Forbes, “Google is not interested in protecting user privacy, they are interested in protecting their surveillance business model. This company will stop tracking billions of people around the world ”.

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In fact, Gmail collects more data than other leading mail platforms. As a defense, Google CEO Sundar Pichai argues: “We don’t use information in apps where you primarily store personal content – such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Photos. – for advertising purposes ”. But the statement made no mention of Chrome – where users frequently enter private and sensitive search terms and make private transactions.

Google took the time to add a privacy label with the gap between app updates about three months after the label became mandatory. Just like with Gmail, Chrome collects users’ device IDs and IDs in multiple categories.

Unlike Safari, Edge, and Firefox, Chrome says it associates all collected data with devices and individuals. Safari collects but does not associate browsing history, usage data, and location with users. Neither Firefox nor Edge collects usage data links. But Chrome collects all of those data fields and associates all of them with the identity of the user.

“You cannot become a billion dollar company without collecting as much data as possible to make money,” said Cyjax, a director of information security at cyjax, a cybersecurity intelligence firm. On the other hand, Google thinks that it only collects the data necessary to provide its services.

Google’s Gmail is not safe!

For easy visualization, let’s compare the email application and the browser of the three tech “giants”: Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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On the surface, Google appears to be making privacy-related changes and claims to “no longer use the Advertiser Identification Code (IDFA) … on iOS for personalized ads. In the near future, Google has also committed to ending tracking cookies on many websites.

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Google monetizes the sale of individual user-tailored ads, contextualized by a user’s activity or search. Most of those ads are directed to search queries. And so, Google conducted “enchantment”, replacing cookies with Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) to “anonymize” of each user into groups of individuals with common characteristics.

The move to FLoC has been criticized for placing too much control and bringing money to Google. That’s because it’s deployed on the Chrome browser – over 60% of the market. The Electronic Frontier Organization (EFF) is calling on users to decline i FLoC and asking Google to build a truly user-friendly website.

The decision is up to you!

Most savvy users certainly don’t want the browser to analyze its searches and crawl in order to target ads. Remember that you can use Google without Chrome!

The best privacy browser recommended by tech experts is DuckDuckGo – still quite unfamiliar to most users today. But whatever browser you use, turn tracking off on multiple websites where you can and consider using private browsing modes.

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Currently, DuckDuckGo is seeing a spike in downloads. It’s also the second most downloaded mobile browser in the US after Chrome. This browser is also subject to mandatory Apple privacy labels and provides its users with certain benefits.

The past decade has seen a serious breach of user privacy. Free-to-use apps and platforms already monetize users and their data. It is the user who has traded his privacy for that convenience. This has brought in billions of the world’s largest technology companies, Google and Facebook from the advertising business.

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Privacy is now more concerned than ever. Many lawmakers have expressed concern about user data misuse. Before that, Google had to face 3 big lawsuits

Users completely have the right to choose the opportunity to choose the service, which data is collected. So, take extra consideration when using privacy labels. Whether or not to use Google Chrome anymore, it all depends on you!

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