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“We are not in voyeurism but in privacy” according to the producer of “Secret Archives”, Erwan L’Eléouet

“Secret Archives”, documentaries which recount the intimacy of personalities through private documents. (FRANCE 3 SCREENSHOTS)

With Secret archives, France 3 is launching a new collection of documentaries recounting the intimacy of personalities through private documents. Erwan L’Éléouet, co-producer of the program alongside journalist Laurent Delahousse, explains that he: “immersed in the history of artists who have become the markers of a generation, who gave birth to show business in their own way, with a different relationship to notoriety, to popularity”. Documents unearthed, recovered from fans, family, “reveal their personality, their relationship to notoriety.”
Not so easy to recover these archives from relatives, admirers….

There is a long process of negotiation, of building confidence. Sometimes fans don’t even know what they had on their tapes.

Erwan L’Éléouet

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It is necessary “reassure them about the story we are going to tell, specifies the co-producer of the program. We always have this line, we are not in voyeurism but in privacy. We learn things but we do it with elegance. It is also our trademark. “ affirms Erwan L’Éléouet. Already contributing to the collection One day, one fate also devoted to the life of personalities, Erwan L’Éléouet is interested in the possibility of “dig into the psychology of a character, understand how they reacted, why they became known.”

The next opus ofSecret archives being interested in : “to bands of friends, reveals the co-producer. The personalities needed to have bands of friends around them, who reassure them, comrades in food, travel, vacation. “ We will thus find images of the friends of Georges Brassens.

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