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“We are the 2021 generation”: young people speak out on France 2

” Who is the Boss ? It’s you ! What do you want to see in the program of March 18 of France 2 on youth, its difficulties, its hopes? “, asked journalist Samuel Étienne on Twitter at the beginning of March, who has become a star of the live video platform Twitch thanks to the highly interactive press reviews he offers in “La matinée est tienne”. The next day, he received his colleague Élise Lucet to open a dialogue with the viewers (“Spectators”) and ask them their wishes for the big evening intended for 18-25 year olds on France 2.

Partnerships between “old” and “young” media

Samuel Étienne’s “community” then cited student malaise, material difficulties, psychological distress, worry of not finding an internship or job… and one of them suggested inviting a political figure? An idea that a quick poll rejected by an overwhelming majority. The same fate was reserved for the logo of the show. More constructively, the names of journalists (Hugo Travers…) or humorists (Paul Mirabel…) were cited. The idea of ​​giving a voice to young people from three sets, in Paris (with Samuel Étienne and Élise Lucet), Rennes (Émilie Tran Nguyen and N’Fanteh Minteh) and Nancy (Djamel Mazi and Aurélie Renard), was also acclaimed. . As well as the partnership with Brut, which will broadcast self-portraits of this generation.

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The spectators will be able to interact on Twitch or the social media TikTok with the guests: business leaders, psychologists, artists, some of whom will perform on stage… In partnership with The student Figaro, a call will be launched to companies to offer internships and jobs on the Wan2bee platform. The next day and Monday March 22 at 10:45 am, the regional branches of France 3 will concoct a special program of “Together is better!” »To help young people find their way, get training or get a job.


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