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“We came close to the drama”: how the France-Germany shock could have turned into a nightmare

STORY – The landing of a Greenpeace activist on the lawn of the Munich stadium almost turned out badly on Tuesday evening. For several minutes, amazement and incomprehension seized the witnesses of this improbable scene.

Special Envoy in Munich

8:58 p.m., Tuesday evening at the Football Arena in Munich. Under a beautiful setting sun and in an electric but good-natured atmosphere, the 14,500 spectators who had the chance to obtain a ticket for the shock of Euro France-Germany have their eyes riveted on the ground. The protocol of the anthems finished, the players position themselves on the lawn and the referee prepares to kick off. When suddenly, a yellow canvas splits the sky and rushes into the stadium. Without having the time to realize whether it is an event planned by UEFA or a surprise guest, the paramotor in question, a machine composed of a paraglider wing and a light engine, collides with a cable above the ground then heads at high speed towards the lower part of one of the side stands where the desks of the journalists are located, including those of the Figaro.

The doctor of the Blues takes care of a victim

Before our eyes, the pilot then manages to straighten his trajectory in disaster then

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