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Weekend cinema. The fantastic anchored in the real

Suliane Brahim in “La nuée” (Capricci production)

The fantastic in the service of reality, the French genre film digs a prolific furrow in which The Cloud by Just Philippot is a remarkable example. With reduced means, without grandiloquent special effects, the director gives us chills without ever disconnecting his characters from their lives.

Virginie, a widowed farmer and single mother, starts breeding edible grasshoppers to avoid bankruptcy, also convinced that what she is doing is a response to the food and environmental crisis.

It was important not to fall into a grandiloquence that becomes a brake on empathy for the characters.

Hell being paved with good intentions and because the story has to get out of hand, the film slips into the fantastic and gores when Virginie discovers that her grasshoppers multiply much faster when they feed on blood. Who, insects or the farmer under economic pressure becomes a monster? It is Suliane Brahim who endorses the courage and excessiveness of her character in a very physical game and Just Philippot maintains his fantastic cinema in a believable story.

After Roland-Garros, it’s in the cinema that we hit the ball. Alex Lutz who excels in physical performance, “Guy”, “Catherine” and “Liliane”, takes the racket of a 37-year-old player who since a semi-final lost in the Paris tournament when he was 20 years old, runs behind the glory.

It is because the film is radical in its choices that it is universal and moving.

Convinced that he can still reach the heights, he tries qualifying with one knee at the end of the race, and against the advice of those around him who no longer believe in him. The actor’s performance holds the film from start to finish, especially in the long final scene, the last real-time exchanges of the capital match that his character delivers.


Since he abandoned the theater stages for film sets, Vincent Macaigne has certainly conquered the public but too often being confined to the roles of sentimental teddy bear. Night doctor by Élie Wajeman is a real dramatic role in a medical and nocturnal thriller.

It does me good to play different characters.

The night doctor is much more than a doctor called in to treat ailments and a flu, he is often in contact with urban solitudes and the social margin. He rubs shoulders with many drug addicts in search of substitute substances, his extra-marital life and the arrangements he concedes to his pharmacist cousin mired in dangerous drug trafficking pushes him towards the abyss in a very well filmed nocturnal Paris.

When an unemployed father dumped by his wife enters a startup whose newspeak is in itself a subject of comedy, it is the absurd drifts of the digital world and supposedly cool, that Bruno Podalydès passes the mill.

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