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Weight Gain Tips: If you are trying to gain weight then follow this diet routine

To gain weight, you can have 2 vegetables, a bowl of lentils and 3 rotis in lunch.

Just as people are troubled by increasing obesity and belly fat in the present time, in the same way, leanness has also become a big problem today. People adopt various measures to get rid of thinness. Some people resort to gym and some include food supplements in their diet. However, even after millions of efforts, if you are not able to increase your weight, then health experts recommend making changes in the diet.

experts believe that weight gain It is very important to have the right diet. In this article, we will give some tips regarding diet, through which you can help in gaining weight.

Ghee and Turmeric: If you are trying to gain weight, then after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach, first of all take 2 teaspoons of pure desi ghee with a pinch of turmeric and a little black pepper. The calories present in ghee not only help in weight gain, but through this the digestive system also remains healthy.

This is how breakfast: Eat healthy breakfast to gain weight. You can drink banana and egg smoothie for breakfast. If you want, you can also drink banana shake. For this, mix the yellow part of 4 eggs in 2 bananas. Then prepare a smoothie by adding a glass of milk to it. Consume it later.

If you often feel hungry after breakfast and before lunch, then you can drink dry fruits or a glass of butter milk for this.

lunch: weight gain For lunch, you can consume 2 vegetables, a bowl of lentils and 3 rotis.

Snacks: Eat boiled eggs, fried paneer and protein shake as snacks in the evening.

So be it dinner: To gain weight, you can include lentils and roti in dinner as well as South Indian food like sambar and uttapam etc. By adopting this diet regularly, you can help in gaining weight.


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