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Weight Loss Tips: This Ayurvedic tea is effective in reducing increased weight, know how to make it at home

Tulsi tea, rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and adaptogenic properties, can also prove beneficial in reducing obesity.

Excess fat on the body causes many health problems. This not only reduces the immunity of the body but also increases the risk of serious health problems like blood pressure, uric acid, fatty liver and heart attack. Obesity and belly fat not only affect your overall personality, but for some people, the confidence level also decreases. According to health experts, controlling diet and including exercise in your routine can help in reducing weight.

Also there are some things that weight loss may prove beneficial. According to health experts, Ayurvedic tea can prove to be effective in reducing weight. For this you only need lemon, ginger and black salt.

Make Ayurvedic tea like this: To make this tea, boil one liter of paan. Add a pinch of red chili, a pinch of black salt and a little honey to the boiling water. Then add one inch of ginger crushed in this water. Now let this water boil for 20-25 minutes. When it becomes half, switch off the gas. Later add lemon juice to the tea. Then filter it and consume it hot. Consuming this Ayurvedic tea regularly can help in weight loss.

Tulsi Tea: Tulsi tea, rich in the properties of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and adaptogenic effects, also proves to be very beneficial in reducing obesity. Tulsi tea reduces excess fat on the body as well as improves metabolism. In such a situation, people suffering from obesity can include Tulsi tea in their routine.

Triphala Juice: Triphala juice is no less than a panacea for people struggling with obesity. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties present in Triphala improve the digestive system, thereby in reducing obesity Help is available. In such a situation, if you want, you can also include Triphala juice in your routine.


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