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Welcomed as a hero, Lionel Messi is already impatient

Excited crowds waited for him at the airport, in front of his hotel and at the Parc des Princes. Lionel Messi has expressed his joy in coming to live in Paris. With the greatest ambitions.

Lionel Messi at PSG, it’s done. Less than a week after the announcement of his departure from FC Barcelona, ​​his tears and the first rumors, the 34-year-old Argentinian superstar was presented to the press on Wednesday in front of 120 to 130 journalists crammed into the auditorium of the Parc des Princes, more than 200 in total including those who were relegated to one of the salons of the Parisian stadium. Difficult to quantify the number of refusals from the club. Moreover, the sanitary conditions have undoubtedly put off a certain number of foreign media …

Still, it is a relaxed, smiling and talkative Messi who appeared before this substantial audience, he who we know is shy and introverted, while the jerseys flocked to his name were torn off like hot cakes. at the club shop. “Everyone knows how I left Barcelona just a few days ago. It was very hard because I spent a lot of years there. But barely arrived here, I already feel very happy ”, he explained

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