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What are the signs of increasing or decreasing blood sugar, know

Irregular Blood Sugar Level: In today’s busy schedule, irregular blood sugar level is a common problem. Apart from diabetes, when blood sugar becomes high, nerves, brain, heart, liver and kidneys are also affected. However, let us tell you that as the level of blood sugar in the body increases, the phenomenon is also dangerous. According to health experts, not only diabetics but healthy people can also have to face these problems.

According to health experts diabetes Controlling blood glucose is very beneficial for patients. Complications increase if their blood sugar level becomes too low or too high. According to experts, the normal blood sugar level before meals is 80 to 130 mg per deciliter. At the same time, the sugar level should be less than 180 mg/dL after two hours of eating.

Symptoms of high blood sugar: When the body does not make or use enough insulin, the amount of blood in the bloodstream increases. This results in different effects on different parts of the body.

Patients with high blood sugar may complain of frequent urination. Apart from this, there is a risk of fatigue, dryness and itching in the skin, excessive thirst, frequent infections. Apart from this, if the weight is not increasing even after eating more then blood sugar level may increase.

High blood sugar damages blood vessels and nerves, causing a lack of energy in the body. If you can feel tired even after taking rest throughout the day. In addition, a fluid builds up in the eyes, which can lead to loss of vision.

Signs of low blood sugar: When the level of glucose in the bloodstream becomes very low, it still tries to transport it to the muscles and tissues. In this case, there is a fall in the sugar level. According to experts, when people take very little carbs in the diet, then the blood sugar level can be low. Adrenaline hormone is released due to decrease in blood sugar level. It affects the heart rate which can lead to sweating, tremors, nervousness and irritability.

blood sugar When the level of blood sugar falls below 70 mg/dL, it is called low blood sugar. If glucose does not reach the brain, it can lead to confusion, trouble concentrating, and difficulty speaking.

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