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What can the Vietnamese auto industry produce on its own?

There are 287 types of components that domestic automobile assemblers can produce themselves, but there are no components for engines and gearboxes.

This is the information provided in Circular 05/2021 of the Ministry of Science and Technology on “the list of machinery, equipment, spare parts, special-use means of transport, raw materials, supplies, and sales. finished products that can be produced domestically”, issued on August 17.

In which, Appendix V of the Circular lists the list of domestically produced auto parts and components. The list has a total of 287 items, of which 269 are for cars under 9 seats and 18 are for trucks.

Out of these 269 types, up to 226 items are described according to Toyota’s specifications, for use by Toyota vehicles, about 15 are for VinFast cars, 15 are for Ford cars, and 10 are for Ford vehicles. for Honda, 7 for Kia and 2 for Mitsubishi.

Some items related to the body shell. (See details below)

This list does not have any type of components and spare parts manufactured according to the standards of Hyundai and Mazda, nor is there any type clearly written for the vehicles of these two companies. Meanwhile, both TC Motor (assembling Hyundai vehicles) and Thaco (assembling Mazda cars) both reported a high localization rate, TC Motor’s current rate is about 20%. In the localization rate, in addition to tangible components, there are also intangible values ​​such as workers’ wages…

In terms of components, these 287 items are mainly body-related accessories with 70 items, floor more than 60 items, seats more than 33 items, electrical wires more than 25 items, gasoline and pipes more than 10 items. item, details about air conditioner are 4 items and other details…

However, the most important components that make up the “heart” of the car are the mechanical parts of the engine, transmission, transmission, safety systems and other electronics that cannot yet be produced domestically. If the localization rate is calculated based on value, if these components can be manufactured, the localization rate will increase rapidly, these are the goals of the companies for many years, but have not been realized .

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