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What do Vietnamese people think about shopping through virtual reality?

Sunday, December 5, 2021 13:55 PM (GMT+7)

In a press release on December 3 of Meta (Facebook’s new name) in Vietnam, virtual reality is an interesting way for consumers to interact with brands.

Mr. Khoi Le, Country Director of Meta in Vietnam, said that virtual reality (AR) and augmented reality (VR) are one of the social trends that will take the throne in the near future that businesses need. note.

“Recently, we announced the change of our company name to Meta and shared our vision for the metaverse. This decision came as we started to notice a change in the behavior of the users. Consumers and technology are behind it,” explained Mr. Khoi Le.

According to Meta, applications for AR / VR are gradually becoming mainstream, from trying on clothes and shoes before buying to working remotely in virtual space.

A recently published Facebook IQ report also noted that globally, 78% of users said AR is a fun way to interact with brands and 74% believe that AR can bridge the gap. between online and offline.

Virtual universe project implemented by Meta

In Vietnam, 80% of users said they think AR can help bridge the gap between online and offline. In addition, up to 81% want to connect with brands using AR, finding it a fun way to interact with brands. 90% of people are willing to use AR features for brand discovery.

In fact, there are brands in Vietnam that have applied AR advertising as a way to reach customers and receive a large amount of interaction.

The second trend is using digital video to build brands or promote a richer shopping experience. According to the survey, digital video viewers in Asia Pacific will surpass 2 billion by 2022, a year earlier than expected. Businesses can therefore leverage this medium to reach consumers, from tagging products that enable direct video purchases to trying products before buying with augmented reality apps. ..

In addition, according to Meta, using the influence of public figures, building shopping festivals combined with online entertainment… are also ways to draw customers closer to businesses.


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