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What does a car break for a long time, how to fix it

Car owners often encounter errors in tires, batteries, electrical systems and external details due to long-term non-use.

After nearly 2 months of social distancing, the number of cars going for repair and care increased dramatically after Hanoi eased it. According to technicians, the main errors when the car is lying in a place for a long time is not operated related to the battery, tires, air conditioner, interior, and solutions. Below are the most common errors, how to handle them, the cost and time it takes to fix. The number of vehicles with errors may be more when Hanoi ends the quarantine period, so the technician advises car owners to grasp the basics of these errors to take the initiative in time to take them to repair, as well as not be ” slash” expensive price.


Tires are flat, punctured is a common condition when not moving for a long time. Especially for a vehicle with a lot of weight, but the tire is too old, not moving for a long time can lead to tire distortion, tire tearing. If you only have to inflate or patch a punctured tire, it is only about 50,000-100,000 VND, but if the tire is damaged, it can be replaced from 1.8 to 2.7 million VND, depending on the type of tire used by the vehicle. Time to fix is ​​very fast, only a few tens of minutes.


Batteries run out of power is unavoidable if the car is lying in one place for a long time without starting the engine. The cost of mobile detonation is about 200,000 VND, but if it needs to be replaced, the cost will be from 1.5 to 2.5 million VND. It takes only about 15 minutes to fish or change the tank. If the driver has a fishing line, it is completely possible to self-energize the battery from a friend’s car or neighbor’s car according to simple connection specifications. here.

A worker uses a stethoscope to check for strange noises in the engine compartment of a Mercedes at the garage in Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, on September 19. Photo: Minh Quan

Rat bites

This is the error that takes the longest to catch and fix. Most of the wires bitten by mice are wires in the engine compartment, related to the vehicle’s control system, so the cost can be quite high from 1-2 million VND for replacement or repair. In particular, there are some cars that have all the fuses bitten, the cost can be up to 3-4 million VND.

Furniture is moldy

If parking in an area with high humidity, the car is not opened to allow air circulation, it can lead to mold and mildew in the car, especially for cars that use a lot of leather. Caregivers will have to clean as well as when washing a normal car, but using more chemical solutions to care for the skin as well as thoroughly treat mold should be more time consuming and expensive. The driver can only cost 100,000-200,000 VND to a million VND if the interior condition is more severe, the type of leather that needs to be cared for is high-end.

In addition, there are some other minor errors that can also be encountered when parking for a long time such as the wipers are difficult to move, the wipers are worn, or the mirror folding motors are dry or stuck due to not being used for a long time, the doors are difficult to open due to lack of use. worn rubber gaskets. In humid areas, many cars still have brake jams, rusty brake discs…

According to the recommendations of repair facilities, car owners should take the car to a genuine maintenance facility or large, reputable garage to check the entire vehicle, operating system, safety system, change oil, Add cooling water as needed.

Before operating, should check the lights, horns, brakes, throttle, warning lights on the vehicle for safe operation. Car owners should also arrange the time and place for maintenance accordingly because at present, private and genuine repair shops are very crowded.

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