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What happens in seconds when the driver texts

Every time there is a message, the driver takes an average of 4.6 seconds to check the phone or answer, which means nearly 5 seconds of not focusing on driving.

Nearly everyone knows that using a cell phone, including texting, while driving is dangerous and is prohibited in most countries and regions of the world. But people are still violating.

To show why texting while driving is a must, Lexus created a special NX, with smart electric glasses that automatically turn opaque, like a veil that stops the driver. seeing something outside and is known as a “360 degree blind spot”.

The driver’s view will be obscured by exactly 4.6 seconds – the average time when someone replies to a text while driving. The Japanese automaker takes some drivers to a rugby field that is set up as a test track, with obstacles to provide an experience of the dangers when someone is not concentrating on driving.

When the drivers were busy experiencing the winding road and obstacles, the windshield suddenly became dull, making them unable to see outside. All startled in panic, shouting out loud fear. The car crashed into obstacles because the driver could not handle it because he could not see anything.

Lexus never told the participants in advance that they would be “blindfolded” during the test drive. If the car runs at a speed of about 88 km / h, within 4.6 seconds the car can run the full length of the football field.

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