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What is football waiting for to equip its referees with microphones and make them heard?

INVESTIGATION – Improve understanding of arbitration decisions, fight against players’ indiscipline… The arrival of the microphone seems unavoidable.

How many times in front of your television screen have you asked yourself these questions, between annoyance and questioning? “What is the referee waiting for to make his decision after consulting the video?”, “What are the officials in the OB van doing to put an end to an endless wait for a penalty or offside?”, “Why such player is expelled after a lively and muscular exchange but above all remained secret to the ears of each viewer? ”… A little caricature, we grant you, these situations have despite everything been seen and felt many times in recent months by a plethora of fans since the implementation of video assistance. Reform could help change that. In depth. And respond to all these issues of efficiency, speed, understanding of the public, discipline or product enhancement: the installation of microphones for referees and the disclosure of discussions in the field to the general public.

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