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What is hydrafacial whose excessive use can worsen the complexion of the face, know

This facial treatment can be done at any age, but experts believe that you should get it done after the age of 25.

It is everyone’s desire to look young and beautiful. Hydrafacials have become one of the most popular facial treatments in the modern world. It is amazingly hydrating and helps create an even-toned, glowing skin. It only takes 30 minutes to complete.

The results of this unique device are just like a microdermabrasion treatment. The only difference between these two is that it keeps on hydrating the skin along with the treatment. Because of its amazing results, more and more people are turning to hydrafacials as part of their facial skincare spa routine. Let us know what is the hydrafacial treatment behind which the world is crazy.

After the Hydra facial, the moisture on the face remains for about a week, after that you can get it done again if you want. This facial treatment can be done at any age, but experts believe that you should get it done after the age of 25. This facial treatment is completed in several stages. It consists of a vacuum-based painless extraction, hydration, cleaning, exfoliation and a combination of nutrients that are applied step by step.

How and in how many stages is it completed: You should remove your makeup before the treatment. Pregnant women should not get Hydra facials because some doctors do not consider the salicylic acid used during this facial to be good for pregnancy.

Exfoliation is done in the first step of Hydra Facial. With the help of the machine, the old makeup, dead skin and debris on the upper surface of the facial skin are cleaned.

In the second step, glycolic and salicylic acid peels are applied on the same facial skin. After applying it, the acne or scars present in the skin go away. Peeling does not harm the skin. The dark skin tone is also lighter and there is a slight tingling.

In the third step, the face is cleaned by vacuum extraction medium and facial is done. One can be surprised to see the amount of waste that how much garbage gets accumulated on our skin.

In the last and fourth step, anti-oxidants and other acids are delivered inside the skin in the form of serum. It retains the elasticity and moisture of the skin. This way youthful glowing skin can be returned.

Hydrafacials are said to be free of side effects, but you may feel a slight pressure from the wand during the procedure. But sometimes doing hydrafacial can cause problems like itching, face allergies, red skin, worsening of pH balance etc.


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