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What is Inverter Air Conditioner? Advantages and disadvantages and types of good conditioners today

Thursday, April 8, 2021 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Currently, many types of inverter air conditioners are being used by many consumers thanks to their amazing cooling capacity while still saving significant electricity. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of conditioner?

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?

Inverter air conditioners are types of air conditioners that use inverter compressor technology to help regulate the cold temperature in the room through a smart microprocessor. This will help inverter air conditioners do not need to turn off and on as many times as other conventional air conditioners, but still can ensure the room temperature is not too cold.

Because the inverter technology to regulate the temperature will help inverter air conditioners save energy much higher than normal air conditioners. Even if you use the air conditioner continuously for a long time, it will save you 30-50%, even up to 70% of the electricity usage.

Inverter air-conditioner helps to cool quickly and save electricity

How does the inverter air conditioner cool?

First, when you first turn on the inverter air conditioner, the machine will start up slowly to reduce energy consumption. At this time, the machine’s motor will rotate steadily and slowly accelerate to the required threshold.

Next, when the air conditioner has reached the cold as you set, the motor will start to slow down and not turn off completely like many other types of air conditioners. This will help maintain a steady cold air in the room and ensure less power consumption. Avoid starting to turn on and off repeatedly, which will consume more power.

Advantages and disadvantages of inverter air conditioners compared to conventional types

1. Advantages of inverter air conditioners

– Does inverter air conditioner save electricity: The answer is yes, the machine operates based on inverter technology, allowing to reach the highest capacity when starting to reach the desired temperature threshold. Then the machine will automatically reduce capacity to maintain a stable temperature, thus saving power consumption.

Fast cooling capacity: With inverter technology, Inverter air-conditioner has the ability to cool quickly and stably. You don’t even need to turn on and off the air conditioner continuously when it’s too cold or too hot, but the air conditioner will automatically adjust capacity and temperature accordingly.

– Maintain temperature stability: After reaching the desired temperature, the Inverter air conditioner will keep that temperature stable and adjust the capacity of the machine accordingly. Therefore, the room is still cool without worrying about wasting electricity while the machine is still operating continuously.

2. Disadvantages of inverter air conditioners

– The cost will be higher than conventional air conditioners due to the integration of the most advanced technologies.

– Because the cost when buying and installing will be high, the cost of replacing components and repairing will be equally high.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 2

Inverter air conditioners have a number of advantages and disadvantages

Notes when using inverter types

1. Capacity

Based on the area of ​​the room where you want to install an Inverter, choose the capacity of the air conditioner you want. Buying a low-capacity air conditioner for a room that is too large will waste energy while still not making the room cooler. Ideally, you should consult the technical staff to choose the correct inverter capacity in the best way.

2. Installation location

The location of the air conditioner is extremely important, greatly affecting the cooling capacity as well as ensuring the durability of the machine. You should choose to place the hot unit of the air conditioner in a shady place and avoid direct sunlight, especially in the summer. In addition, the inverter should not be placed in humid, dusty places, which will cause damage and reduce the life of the air conditioner.

3. Set the temperature

A common mistake for people who use air conditioning is setting the lowest temperature to make the room colder. This will cause the machine to run at maximum capacity and maintain it continuously so it will waste power and affect the life of the machine.

With inverter models, they operate based on inverter technology, so the machine will automatically operate at high capacity initially, then automatically reduce capacity to maintain a cool temperature for the apartment. room. From there, it will save energy usage without having to turn off and on manually as before.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages and disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 3

Inverter air-conditioner works with inverter technology to maintain a cool temperature for the room without consuming a lot of electricity

4. The habit of turning off the air conditioner

Previously, with non-inverter air conditioners, users often had the habit of turning off the air conditioner after the room was cold enough, and when it was hot, it turned on again. This will increase the power consumption with each power on.

However, with the inverter line of air conditioners, the machine will have the function of maintaining a stable temperature and automatically adjusting the operating capacity of the machine to match the desired temperature in the room. So still ensure energy saving without turning on and off the machine as before.

Does inverter air conditioner automatically disconnect?

Like many other popular air conditioners, inverter air conditioners are still capable of automatically switching off when operating. However, this self-shut-off mechanism only occurs when the hot unit of the air conditioner becomes too hot. This will help protect the machine to run stably and ensure a better longevity and operability.

During the operation, the inverter will not shut off by itself, but will only automatically reduce the capacity but still run to maintain stable room temperature. This will help save energy consumption without having to manually turn on and off causing wasted power.

Should buy the cheapest and most energy saving inverter in inverter

Currently, inverter air conditioners are extremely popular and widely sold on many large electronic systems across the country. If you are looking for an affordable and energy-efficient product, please refer to the following brands to choose the right air conditioner for yourself.

1. Daikin

As a long-standing brand of inverter and common air conditioner from Japan, but has been popular in Vietnam for nearly ten years. Inverter products from Daikin possess special features such as:

– The ability to save power is extremely effective thanks to the Econo technology, which helps the machine can still operate at low capacity but still ensure user efficiency.

– Fast cooling capacity, friendly with environment.

Sturdy and smooth operation, no noise during the machine running.

– Provide a source of fresh, cool, clean air thanks to the sterilizing filter with Titanium Apatite.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 4

2. Toshiba

Toshiba is an old brand of electronics and is extremely popular in Vietnam today. Toshiba’s inverter air conditioners are not only appreciated for their performance and aesthetics, but also for their affordable price and modern features that are not inferior to other high-end air conditioners.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 5

3. Panasonic

Panasonic is another major electronics brand from Japan, appearing in Vietnam in the early 2000s. Panasonic’s inverter products are always integrated with modern technologies such as the ability to filter air, cool quickly. , room temperature sensor, smooth running, … Therefore, Panasonic air conditioner still has a foothold in the market and is well received by many users.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 6

4. LG

LG is an extremely famous Korean electronics brand. LG’s inverter products with many eye-catching designs come with excellent performance and integrated with the latest technology. Certainly LG Air Conditioner will not disappoint you.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 7

5. Electrolux

Is an extremely famous electronics brand originating from Sweden. Electrolux inverter lines are always durable and powerful, providing the ability to cool quickly without wasting too much electricity for your home. Although the cost of the Electrolux brand air conditioner is sometimes still higher than that of many other well-known brands. However, the use experience brought to your family will certainly not be inferior, even more wonderful.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages, disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 8

6. Mitsubishi

Another famous brand from Japan, Mitsubishi’s Inverter air conditioner integrates many modern features, along with the ability to operate smoothly, stably, and save energy like many air conditioners. Other high-end inverter. If you want to buy a cheap air conditioner but still have great performance and save money, choose the Mitsubishi brand to use.

What is Inverter Air Conditioner?  Advantages and disadvantages and types of current good conditioners - 9

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